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Friday, February 5

Smuggler's Notch: home of the 2 person chairlift.

At this point in the trip, it's like my body is saying no but my mind is also just saying no. We're pretty tired because we've been giving it pretty hard these past few days but it's been worth it. We got a real late start this morning, and by late I mean we got up around 8.

Smuggler's Crotch Notch is located about 50 inconvenient kilometers away from Stowe. You can actually see Stowe Mountain resort while on Smuggs, but because they close the mountain road that connects them in the winter you have to drive all the way around the mountain. I think its probably only 15km away if you could take the mountain route and not die.

The first thing you'll notice about the place is that they rock the 2 person chairlifts...and they're super slow. Apparently its supposed to be America's number one family resort, and to tell you the truth there were a lot of families around, but like most of Stowe not many young-ans (at least thats what we think we are).

This resort seemed much smaller than Stowe and I think Jay Peak, but one of the mountains seemed like it was strictly for beginners. We hit them all for the full experience but found ourselves having to do cross country a lot more than anticipated (on that side). The views were nice and the fact that we had afternoon sun on this side of the mountain was nice as well.

We didn't manage to find the triple black diamond (I think one of the only ones in America) but in general we did take it pretty easy today. But that didn't mean that we didn't take some serious dives though.

On to the next one.