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Friday, January 8

How in the world did the 90s come back into style?

Its natural that things come full circle but what I don't get is how the most uncool stuff in the 90s somehow became the coolest stuff today. Last time I remember I was getting made fun of people were not keen on wearing down filled jackets or converse shoes back when I was in grade 8.

Exhibit 1: Canada Goose Collection (yeah, those jackets)

It gets to be around -20ÂșC with the wind chill pretty regularly up there in the Arctic Toronto, so I'm pretty glad that being warm is back in style...because I thought I was getting to be pretty lame for a second there *whew*.

You know who else has been wearing Canada Goose for the past 30 years? My Dad. He might just be the coolest guy you've ever met.

Exhibit 2: Plaid and Converse

Kurt Cobain and the lumberjacks did it best, everyone else just pretends. I'm pretty sure they didn't wear it because it was on sale at The Gap or Jean Machine. Don't act like you don't know...

Throw in some poor orthopedic canvas shoes for good measure.

Exhibit 3: Nerd Glasses (worn by people who don't need glasses)

Unless you're Amir Bloomsauce or someone who needs prescription lenses, you are not allowed to wear these glasses.

As much as I like to stare at this girl for hours how cute this girl looks in the music video, I hate the fact that her glasses are fake. I've actually seen douche bags people at the bar wearing fake glasses as well. I'm glad having poor vision is all the rage right now.

Am I guilty of these crimes? Absolutely, except for the glasses one thats just preposterous. A guy's gotta look good right?