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Thursday, January 21

It smells so wrong it's right.

It's been kind of a mild Winter around these here parts, and there honestly hasn't been enough snow in Toronto to make a half decent snow man. The fact that it's cold without the snow is like eating an ice cream cone without the actual ice cream - it's LAME.

It's also around that time of the year when you start to see a lot of people's msn/facebook/talk statuses saying stuff like "wish it were summer" or "I'm lame because I'm afraid of the cold" or something to that effect. Blame it on SAD or whatever, but if you're living in the Great White North you should probably get used to this at some point. Anyhow, here are some shots I dug up from my cell phone during a "warmer" time.

Global Cheese, Kensington Market

Global Cheese, Kensington Market, Toronto

Cafe Crepe, Queen St., Toronto

Cafe Crepe, Queen St., Toronto