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Monday, January 4

Text, it can be tricky

The Internet was invented for pornography sharing information and since then it has developed into a monster. On the Internet you can literally do anything from renting a car to finding that special someone to selling that special someone to a special someone else overseas for a small (read: large) finder’s fee. And while you are not buying and selling mail orders brides you can find a little bit of information. Make sure before you take that information as fact you cross check it with Wikipedia ask someone who actually knows what they are talking about, we wouldn't want you to get false information. When those nerds sat down those many years ago they could have never imagined what they were about to thrust upon the world.

Now that we have known each other for some time and you have fallen in love with me, you know I use a certain degree of sarcasm, or I hope you do because if you don't, oh man, I feel sorry for you and your pathetic life. Anyway, one of the biggest problems I run into on the Internet is the problem of crossed signals. On the Internet what you type lacks nuance and that leads to many, many arguments and disappointments. I have no problems disappointing people or arguing with them until they eventually see my point of view or it leads to us meeting in a Zellers parking lot to settle this like men, you pussy. What I cannot deal with is the lowering of standards we have had to endure, especially in the comedy category. The quality of comedy is steadily decreasing but our reactions stay the same. This picture perfectly illustrates what I am talking about:

As you can see, we have been subjected to bad comedy for so long that we react with enthusiasm because that what is expected, but we actually feel very little. The last pane is actually how I feel when I see everyone laughing at mediocre comedy, uncontrollable rage. What is the cure? Go to sites that are actually funny, here are a few:

Hark A Vagrant
Penny Arcade
Dinosaur Comics
Cyanide and Happiness