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Sunday, January 17

I feel cheap and used

That's right folks, I have been publicly violated.

I go to the grocery store to buy food stuffs for the coming week. I shop around; buy my yogurt, cereal, ham slices and my beloved chicken strips. Let me take a second and profess my love for President's Choice Blue Menu Chicken Strips. These chicken strips and I first met when I was looking for a well balanced meal when I was cutting weight last year, I noticed them because of the eye catching blue package and took notice when I read the extremely well balance nutrition profile, and then it was love at first bite. They are healthy, moist and tasty. What more could a man want? I was also on a quest to find steel cut oats but that is a story for another day. Anyway, back to the violating.

I was waiting in line with my cart, I was bent over resting my forearms on the cart talking to my brother and while we were chatting it happened. A cashier was making her way to her till, I saw her coming but she had plenty of room to make it by, or so I thought, while I was mid sentence with my brother she walked by extremely close and felt my ass. Now, let me clarify "felt my ass", she just didn't want by and brush up against me, oh no, she walked passed me and I felt her four fingers run across my cheeks! Does this happen in real life? Yes, and this isn't the first time it has happened to me, and let me tell you, it doesn't make it any less weird the more it happens.

I am a gentleman and I have never done anything like that to a woman. I would never think of running my hand across a complete stranger’s ass. What is going through these people’s heads? Lust, that's what.

I was just trying to buy my chicken strips, guys, just trying to buy my chicken strips.


Len23 said...

aww. poor baby. maybe she couldn't help herself to your sexy bum. But that is violating your private areas. She must be a lustful perv. I feel bad for you.

Len23 said...


there it is. and here's the banana one.


oh and there's a golden ticket one...too funny.


Make Me Emperor said...

hey, any action is action, lol.