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Sunday, January 10

Finally watched Jersey Shore, just expanded my lexicon.

I'm typing this as I'm watching the show for the first time. I've seen commercials and clips but I'm talking full episode here. You know it wouldn't be MTV reality if there wasn't total unnecessary drama, but this is literally drama on steroids...because that's what everyone in the house takes...steroids.

If anything the show is great just based on the dialogue alone. Maybe my street talk has fallen off a bit but these guys have a serious case of ridiculosis. Here are some examples:

Grenade launcher = fat chick. "There's like 2 girls and a grenade launcher standing outside."

Jump on a grenade = take one for the team. "I'm all about being a wing man and I'd jump on a grenade for you, but that girl is just straight explosion."

GTL = Gym, Tan, Laundry. What two of the guys do every single day. "You gotta look right when you go out, GTL baby."

Creep = Find some girls, hook up with some girls. "I'm back, lets go to Beachcombers and creep on some girls."

The best part of the episode was when one of the main female characters got into a fight with some hos at the house (over nothing in particular by the way) and one of the guys describes it as WWIII. Then after the tramps get picked up by the cops, I guess it was really early in the morning because the garbage truck comes by and one of the guys yells, "Hey white trash, your ride's here." Classic.

Anyhow, the show ends with one of main guy characters getting into a fight and roid raging all over the boardwalk then flipping tables over at house. Life's full of drama as it is which is probably why I never leave my bedroom but at least I don't live on the Shore...

Is this what the other side is like?

Anyway, because I can here's the latest Kick-Ass trailer so you can stop thinking about Jersey Shore.