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Friday, January 22

The worst people in the world

I have been watching a lot of Jersey Shore lately and it has only reinforced my belief that people make celebrities out of the least deserving people.
Don’t get me wrong, I love watching stupid people but Ronnie, Nicole, Pauley, Angelina, Vinny, Mike, Sam and Jenni are the embodiment of everything that is wrong with the world. They are the fake tan wearing, blow out gelling, tight shirt wearing and ignorance loving douche bags that we all hate. I will admit that I am part of the problem because I love watching douche bags in their natural habitat and argue about whether pink eye can be caught through the air or not, but it also makes me sad that people like this actual exist and are multiplying at an alarming rate because they don’t use condoms or think about the consequence of sharing their defective genes.

People like Stephen Hawking, Damian Hirst, Nelson Mandela and other brilliant people deserve to be bigger celebrities but they aren’t because they are boring and talk about relevant topics. If we put a camera in their houses we would all fall asleep. No one wants to watch them solve world hunger or paint the next great piece of art that will be talked about for eternity. I am guilty of this and while I would like to change, world conspires against me. Whenever I turn on the TV I am bombarded with The Hills, Vampire Diaries, Jersey Shore and any number of IQ lowering programs that have become the norm.

What is the solution? Make the world read more? Only show reruns of Nova from PBS? I hope not. Would watching intelligent people live their lives solve the problem? Isn’t TV itself the problem? We don’t have to do anything to watch TV; there is no mental stimulation at all. The problem is that we all know we are stupid and we hate to watch those that will make us feel inferior. Watching Mike “The Situation” from Jersey Shore makes us feel better about ourselves because we don’t tan 12 hours a week or get a haircut every time we hit the club or say “bro” every three words. If I had to watch the world’s geniuses at work I just might kill myself. I can’t figure out a tip in a restaurant meanwhile Stephen Hawking is working on the string theory, how am I supposed to feel?

So I will ask you again, what is the solution? I don’t know. Until we do find a situation I want to punch Snooki in the face being so stupid and then hold her in my arms for making me feel better about myself.


Len23 said...

Oh my, lots of great points, but the most entertaining part was the multiplying at an alarming rate because the lack of using condoms and sharing their defective genes, too funny.
I myself watch the discovery channel to learn and just broaden my understanding about our world, so i think channels like that can help our society become more educated when it comes to entertainment.
Always a pleasure reading your blog, loser.