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Thursday, January 14

Giada "Man Hands" De Laurentiis

The Food Network is pretty much the only "normal" television channel that I'll actually watch on a regular basis, and by normal I mean something not obscure like Oasis HD or Slice.

One thing has always bugged me though. I always wondered why Some of the hosts on the Food Network never wear their wedding rings. You know for sure they're married because they talk about their husbands and kids and what not, and sure they can get roughed up every now and again by some rogue eggplant, but it's really only the women that don't wear them. Probably a marketing ploy, like how they also show just barely enough cleave? Who knows.

Anyhow, while watching some Food Network the other day and confirming this observation, I thought I'd bring up something else that's been bothering me that I've wondered if anyone else has noticed. If you've ever seen Giada at Home or Everyday Italian or some short perky Italian woman talking about nothing in particular, then you've seen her before.

I was browsing a list of 100 hottest girls of 2009 when I saw her on that list. While 42 seems a little generous, I won't disagree with the fact that she is a total MILF. But has anyone else noticed that she has manlier hands than I do? Now coming back to the wedding ring thing, my theory is that she doesn't wear one because she is ashamed of her mountain man hands and doesn't want to attract attention to them. Bam! Have a taste of that.

Seriously, watch her knead some bread. It's freaky.


Anonymous said...

I agree that she has man hands.

Anonymous said...

I too agree that she has man hands.

blahblahblah said...

Umm I think that you are totally jealous.. really.. um who gives a rats ass? Why do u sit around and think about this crap? You're pathetic.

Anonymous said...

they dont wear wedding bans becuase A.. they are cooking. Have you eve cooked before?? You dont wear jewelery when you cook. and B, they dont want to bring attention to their big old flashy rings. Get over yourself.. your probably some fat chick with nothing better to do but be a hater. You sad.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha wow, you are sad. Whoever wrote this needs a life. giada is sexy as F***. You are weird and a creeper.. you sit around and watch her hands.. why dont u get a life?? I know u could tell me the same thing but just had to comment, sick of you jealous girls always raining on some hot chicks parade. GET OVER YOURSELF. LOOK AT YOUR HANDS.. CHECK YOURSELF OUT. WHY ARE U BEING A CREEPER. PS REAL GIRLS WHO ARE HOT DONT FEEL THE NEED TO HATE ON OTHERS. Guys think that is beyond unattractive.

Giadafan said...

It's so bizarre, I was just watching Giada on the food network and you can't help but notice her hands because she talks with her hands the whole time. I enjoy seeing the foods she cooks and I respect her knowledge of food, I really do. I'm not jealous at all, I'm an Italian female very proud of my heritage and proud that someone as talented as Giada is representing my culture. However, her hands don't seem to go with her body and do look abnormally huge. I think the food network should talk to her about trying to tone them down a bit by not constantly spreading her fingers apart and curving her fingers because it makes them look like claw like. It's so funny because I'm sitting here watching her show right now and I just got an urge to google "Giada's hands", and I found this page.

Anonymous said...

I just saw an episode she was having a cocktail party poolside.... she changed into a cocktail dress no wedding ring on the left hand however some big bling on the right hand. No what's up with no wedding ring??????

Anonymous said...

Yup. Man hands for sure. Just noticed this weekend.