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Sunday, January 10

The movie theater

The movie theater has the highest concentration of idiots in the world. I am still working on the numbers but just from what I witness every time I see a movie it must be true. It must be the social atmosphere and the promise of entertainment that brings in the dregs of society.

Every time I go to the movie theater I always run into people who: kick my seat, talk non-stop, use their cellphones to blind me, dig in their bag of pop corn for 20 minutes at a time or a combination of all of those.

I used to think it was just at action or comedy movies these events would happen but I have come to realize is happens at any and all movies. How does one pay $12 to see a movie and then use your cellphone to text your friends for the full two hours? Do you know realize someone is sitting in the seat you are kicking? Also use your whisper voice if you want to talk to your friends, this is not the mall.

On many occasions I have had to tell people to shut up or put their phones away or to stop doing their best Pele impression on the back of my seat. People have completely lost their social awareness and no one seems to be doing anything about it. Those of us who are intelligent and socially aware people need to start correcting these habits.

My friend Denise made it her new years resolution to not take crap any more (mostly at the theater) or as she said "The year Denise is not afraid to cut a bitch". I think we all need to make this our top priority. If you see someone using their cellphone don't be afraid to tell them right away, don't wait and hope they will realize their mistakes because they won't. If someone is talking, even five words, tell them to shut up! Nip these behaviours in the bud. Get the manager if it continues and then demand a replacement ticket for missing part of the movie.

We need to fix society and it will happen one movie at a time.