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Tuesday, January 26

News Flash: Google Wave still totally sucks.

I'm usually pretty excited about totally useless tech and gadgets, so when Google Wave first came out I was all hyped up, got nominated and jumped on the bandwagon. 2 days later, after my nomination turned into an actual invite, I shat my pants logged in ready to fall off my dinosaur from how awesome it would be to wave with my so called friends, only to discover that I had no one to wave with. Great. On top of that I didn't have the ability to actually invite anyone. What's the point of this so called collaboration tool when you got no one to collaborate with.

I'll admit that I didn't really see the point of starting from scratch and replacing my email and messenger with all the promise of real time interactivity and whatnot, but like most things it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Fast forward a few days when some more friends actually got the thing. Great, time to awesome all over this mother. But wait..its pretty slow..I think its down...Why does it keep telling me I have new waves when I don't. Let me try to start a new one...wait no that doesn't work either...epic fail.

But doesn't Gmail already do most of this? And better? And it actually works?

So fast forward until yesterday night, when I log into Wave again to see whats new. So I'm sitting there totally expecting there to be like 45 unread waves that I'm going to go all interactive over and draw some maps and play Sudoku with, but all I see is a bunch of abandoned test messages that end with something like "screw this", "totally useless" and a penis drawn on a map.

I guess the thing about being too far ahead of the curve is that you're usually the only one there. Will it be popular in the future? Who knows, it sure as hell ain't popular now. It definitely didn't live up to the hype.

Sorry Lars, its a flop.


Tyler said...

It yet may not live up to the hype, but it's in a preview at the moment, despite more and more invites rolling out all the time. I'm not particularly versed in what that means as far as alpha/beta/RC goes, but you're using the past tense when I think it's not entirely warranted.

I've had Wave for some time now as well, and while I'm still left wanting for better access controls and a draft mode, it's coming along. I use it just about on a daily basis for mostly one on one communication, which while that may seem counterintuitive given its collaborative nature, I enjoy the aspect that you can be having a two-way conversation, even going so far as typing at the same time as one another without 'talking over' one another.

It still occasionally goes 'shiny' on me, and that will probably happen more and less frequently as time goes on, but it certainly seems to load more quickly than it used to.

I guess all I'm saying is that, given time to grow and people actually using it, I think Google will make it much more viable than what can be currently given as credit.